Buying, Extending or Refurbishing – Case Study

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Extending, Buying or Refurbishing a Church Building?

Read how we helped a church with their insurance requirements:

New Life Church, East Grinstead, is a church with a heart for the community. The name of their building, Jubilee Community Centre, represents the church’s desire to occupy a building and see it used for the benefit of East Grinstead and the outlying villages. Simon Elliott, lead elder, has carried the vision through years of searching for a building.

When they found their current building it seemed impractical and too large, an incredible task to transform a former pharmaceutical premises into a welcoming church centre. After negotiation at a seemingly God given time, the building was acquired and a year of renovation began.

Simultaneously, Access Insurance communicated their vision to support New Frontiers churches with thorough and competitive church insurance. A partnership was formed with Access providing insurance help throughout the refurbishment process with the many ramifications of owning and renovating a building.

Complete and bustling with activity, the Jubilee Community Centre now houses the New Frontiers church, and the local radio station among others. It also hosts a variety of community activities including sport and dancing. The centre has enabled the church to grow numerically, but it is also the outworking of a vision. The church is known in the town, living up to its reputation – the heart of the community.

Today, there is an ongoing strong and profitable relationship with Access, as they provide an annual review with relevant and timely advice, ensuring that New Life Church is best served.

Rod Standing, church member and insurance advisor identifies, ‘With Access, we didn’t have to explain New Frontiers, they knew from day one the kind of operation we are and our values. We had confidence they understood us’.
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