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Every help counts

‘Having a broker who is also a Christian makes a difference. We understand each other’: Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe

The pastor of a church in Fife, Scotland, identifies the significance of what Access Insurance offers as a specialist church insurance broker. Not only do they bring the many benefits of being a broker but the added understanding of what churches are doing and why. Having someone fight your corner is always reassuring but even more so when coupled with genuine interest and understanding for your purpose.

Like most church leaders, Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe is constantly busy caring for his congregation and reaching out to his local community. By using a¬†church¬†insurance broker, he saves considerable time, avoiding the work of contacting different insurance companies to obtain quotes and negotiate prices. Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe confirms, ‘It takes a lot of work from us as we’re not experienced. Access has the experience’.

And with that experience, the right questions are asked so that the right level of cover is obtained. The church in Fife bought a building and without Access’s involvement wouldn’t have insured it sufficiently. But Access took the time to investigate, discovered the insurance was too low and arranged for their cover to be adjusted accordingly. Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe was reassured by a broker who ‘painstakingly explained why’.

During autumn 2013, the UK was hit by storm-force winds that left many without power and caused widespread damage. The church in Fife suffered storm damage to their roof during particularly gusty winds and heavy rain. They felt the need to move quickly with repairs otherwise more damage was likely. However, the insurance company had wanted to visit before any repairs took place and were reluctant to pay the claim. But with Access negotiating on their behalf, Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe explains, ‘They stood in between us and got us a substantial sum. Thank God I used Access. Going directly to the insurer I don’t think we would have been able to get what we got. And the church wouldn’t be where it is today’. For the church in Fife, a potentially stressful situation was diffused leaving them free to focus on their real purpose.

And after providing such help, nothing stopped them from using Access for their recent insurance renewal. They were relieved that despite inflation and a recent claim, Access could maintain their insurance covers at no extra cost. As Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe says, ‘For a growing church like us, every help counts’. As Access understands and supports their extensive community outreach, they work with them to keep insurance premiums low, enabling finances to be available for the work that really matters.

Pastor Joseph Aderibigbe confirms, ‘It’s good having somebody we can trust, someone who is covering our back. We would recommend Access any day!’

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