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Customers now more discerning

According to the Insurance daily publication, customers are now considering their cover more closely.

The article follwed research by YouGov which showed that Comprehensive travel insurance has recently seen its profile in the public consciousness increase dramatically, due largely to the unprecedented volcanic disruption to airlines and kept in the public eye by industrial action.

Many travellers ended up not being covered for the costs involved with the Icelandic volcano, and consumers are now more careful and aware of the importance of acquiring adequate coverage when travelling.

Statistics revealed that travel insurance is the most likely insurance category to have been cancelled in the last two years, with two-thirds doing so during the recession.

Cost is not the primary cause of cancellation however, with only 23% citing it as the reason compared to 69% who indicated the reason was related to cover.

YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy has explained that recent events have made coverage a key point of interest for travellers.

With average theft claims being over £300 we would reccomend that anyone think carefully before deciding to cancel their policy or not take it up at all.

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