Holiday Theft


An article in The Press and Journal reported on some research by Sainsbury’s Finance showing the enourmous cost to British holidaymakers from theft.

The estimate is that in the last 5 years up to £1.7billion worth of personal possessions was stolen from them whist abroad. Further research showed that about 5.1million adults said they had been the victim of theft while on holiday abroad in this period, with the estimated average value of lost possessions £326.

More statistics:

About 240,000 people had more than £1,000 worth of valuables taken.
24,000 estimated their loss at £5,000-plus.
2.9 million men said they had items stolen.
2.2 million women said they had items stolen.
Pick-pocketing is the most common form of theft is with the survey indicating 1.1million people have been victims.
Theft from a car had 855,000 victims.
Bag snatching had 805,000 victims.
752,000 of those surveyed had items stolen from their hotel room or villa.
About 1.8million people, had cash taken
About 1.275 million had their wallet stolen
756,000 people saying that they had theirs stolen.

Of those suffering larger losses, 171,000 people had a car or motorbike stolen from them while abroad and 257,000 had their luggage taken.

Scott Gorman said: “When holidaying, people take their most valuable possessions with them, such as their camera, passport, going-out jewellery, mobile phone, iPod and of course their spending money.

“It’s easy to be engrossed in your surroundings when in a different country and, when you’re feeling relaxed you can be easily distracted, which is when you are at your most vulnerable of becoming a victim of theft.

“Sainsbury’s Finance is encouraging holidaymakers to be careful and vigilant with their belongings, particularly when in popular and crowded tourist areas. Before you leave your residency, take time to think if you really need to take each item with you and consider investing in a money belt.”

Worryingly, the research showed that only 51% of those who had had something stolen while abroad in the past five years reported it to the local police.

Mr Gorman added: “Millions of British holidaymakers are jeopardising their chances of recouping the value of the possessions they’ve had stolen by failing to inform the local police about the theft. This means they cannot then make a claim on their travel insurance, potentially leaving them out of pocket by hundreds or even thousands of pounds

At Access Insurance we echo these concerns and urge you take insurance cover

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