Insurance for a Winter Shelter

Women Lying On Beds In Homeless Shelter

Looking to run a Winter Shelter?

The recent Newfrontiers Social Action Survey shows that many churches are involved in helping the homeless. If you are looking to run a Winter Shelter one of the first questions to ask yourself is ‘will our insurers allow us to cover Homeless Shelters on our existing insurance policy?’ Many insurers will agree to this request providing they have adequate information on the activities beforehand. To help you prepare for your homeless shelter, the main questions insurers will ask are:

1. When will the Homeless Shelter start and how long will it operate for?
2. Who is the lead organisation running the event? (If there is more than one organisation involved in the project)
3. How many people will be using the facility during the course of the event?
4. Will you run it on a pre-booked or a ‘drop in’ basis?
5. Have you considered ‘access issues’ to other parts of the building?
6. Are the relevant policies and procedures in place such as Health and Safety and risk assessments?
7. What level of supervision will be in place?
8. What training will be given to the employees and volunteers supervising the event?
9. What are the cooking arrangements and will there be any deep fat frying involved?

If you have any questions and wish to discuss any insurance issues with us, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Bryant on 020 8651 7420.

For more information on this subject, we recommend that you contact Homeless Link on
Tel: 020 7840 4430. Web:

If you wish to join Homeless Link, and you are one of our clients with a turnover of less than £100,000 we will pay your membership costs.

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