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Article on travel insurance dealing with pre-existing medical conditions.

Article on travel insurance in Ask an Expert on 12 October 2010 from the website.  The answer is from an expert in travel insurance who happen to be one of our main providers of travel insurance!


I am currently on the waiting list for another hip replacement. Five years ago, I had knee replacement surgery and in the latter part of 2009, this was followed by a hip replacement. However, I have now discovered I cannot get travel insurance until after the operation, but this could be 18 months away. Do you have any suggestions? G.S., Carmarthenshire, Wales


Peter Hayman, director of specialist travel insurance provider PJ Hayman replies: Pre-existing medical conditions can make it hard to find travel insurance, as can being aged over 65. In addition, travel insurance companies are also likely to be concerned about the fact that you are on the waiting list for another hip replacement as this would mean you might have to cancel travel plans at the last minute. However, there are companies that specialise in offering travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions. For example, The Free Spirit policy is specifically designed to cater for people with these types of issues and also has no upper age limit. Your particular requirements would be reviewed in order to provide cover in relation to your hip operation – in fact the insurer has been able to offer cover in over 95% of similar cases. However, whether this cover would be on a single trip or a multi-trip basis would depend on your situation and this is something that you can discuss when you call the specialist travel insurance provider you choose to use. You have sensibly decided to declare your medical issues in your attempt to purchase travel insurance but some people with these types of conditions choose not to. This can be a very expensive mistake as if anything goes wrong or they need to cancel their trip, they may not be covered.

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