Saving money on Church Insurance

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How can your church save money on church insurance?

Over the past few years, we have witnessed parishes outgrowing their premises and have needed to move to more permanent locations. In line with the vision of many churches looking to extend their ministries to multi sites, you can read our case study on how we can help churches that are extending, buying or refurbishing their place of worship.

If you are renting your place of worship from a landlord, you may be required to contribute toward insurance costs associated to rebuild the property. In cases where the church is the sole occupant of the property, you may be permitted by your lease to outsource buildings insurance elsewhere whilst ensuring that any “interested parties” are noted in the insurance.

For churches occupying part of a building, for example the first floor of a 3 storey building, the landlord may maintain responsibility for insuring the entire building. If the church has made any alterations to the interior of the building, it is important that you consider taking on “tenant’s improvement” insurance for carpets, partitions or similar.

You will benefit from using Access Insurance for bespoke church insurance packages as we have been successful in reducing the premiums churches have to pay for their buildings. In some cases, we have seen over 50% savings, coupled with wider cover.

Please contact us on 020 8651 7420, or visit our website for more BMC Church Insurance information.

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