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Access Insurance announce 4 year Sponsorship deal as part of Social Enterprise ethics

Access Insurance is involved in sponsoring Selsdon Little Leagues football and netball teams. We do this, not because we believe that there will be any return, but because we are developing as a social enterprise and believe that this is a major valuable local resource run by very enthusiastic volunteers. We do not have any children playing in the leagues. We believe that additional investment in replacing equipment and continuing to fund this project is very important.

Selsdon Little Leagues

Selsdon Little Leagues provides football and netball for local children. It is organised on a voluntary basis by local parents. Founded in 1990 with twelve teams, it has now grown to 30 football teams organised in 5 leagues and twelve netball teams in two leagues. They leagues are all affiliated to the National Little leagues and through them to the football Association and the All England Netball Association.

The idea of “free sport” for all abilities is central. Some of the netball players have gone on to play for Surrey County under 16’s. All teams have two managers who run the teams, organise coaching sessions and act as match officials for games in which their team is not competing. In total about 60 adults are responsible for running the leagues for over 400 children.

Providing sport on this scale costs a large amount of money. Kit, equipment, hire of courts and pitches are all paid for by family membership, sponsorship and donations. Sponsorship is by local shops and businesses and parents work connections. All income is spent on items necessary to provide football and netball and no payments are made to managers or other officials.

The annual cost now exceeds £15000 per year with this sum becoming increasingly difficult to raise. Examples of expenditure: Pitch and Court hire: £4750; Football/Netball kit: £4800; Insurance: £1200 and trophies and engraving: £2500.


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