Trustee Liability Seminar

Trustee Liability Insurance Seminar

Reigate and Banstead CVS hosted a seminar on 18th May 2007 for Charity Accountants.  We were delighted to provide a speaker to discuss the practical issues surrounding the purchase of trustee indemnity insurance.

The seminar content can be downloaded: A practical guide to the purchase of trustee liability insurance.

The seminar outlined the following issues:

  1. Explanation of what Trustee Indemnity Insurance is and what it is not;
  2. Cover that it is unlawful for an insurer to provide;
  3. Definition of a wrongful act – inadvertent or ignorant neglect of trustee duties emanating from the governing documents;
  4. Claims examples;
  5. Purchasing issues;
  6. Limited corporate liability mistake;
  7. Purchase for benefit of trustees;
  8. Prohibition from purchasing;
  9. Considerations based on interests of charity;
  10. Costs and exercise of care and skill in the selection of cover;
  11. Additional covers: Entity, Fidelity Guarantee, Professional Indemnity, Representation at Investigations, Employment Practice Liability, Loss of Documents;
  12. What level of indemnity to select.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our charity team on 020 8651 7420.

An on-line enquiry form is available here: Trustee liability quotation

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