Patient Participation Group Insurance – Advice

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Are you involved in running a Patient Participation Group? If so, have you considered who might be sued if a member of the group was injured, or caused an injury to another party during the course of being engaged on PPG work?

There is little clarity currently available about Patient Participation Group Insurance. Unlike Local Healthwatch (LHW) organisations which are clearly identified as a ‘body corporate’ (ie a legal entity) which is a social enterprise, (source Napp) the PPG’s have not been given any formal legal framework. So many PPG’s may be expecting that their local surgery will provide an indemnity should there be an incident involving the PPG which gives rise to a legal liability. This may be the case if the surgery insurance has been extended to include the PPG.

If the PPG is properly constituted then they could well be classed as a separate legal entity. The surgery insurance may not extend to cover the PPG, especially if the PPG is carrying out activities away from the surgery premises. Some PPG’s may also represent a number of practices within the CCG – if this is so, it is unlikely that cover is in force under any one surgery insurance policy.

Risk Exposures

Patient Participation Group Insurance can be arranged on a bespoke basis. Where the PPG gives out advice there may be an exposure to professional negligence claims. The trustees, officers or decision makers can take out Trustee Indemnity Insurance to cover risks associated with “wrongful acts”, breach of duty or trust. Other PPG’s we insure carry out other activities like arranging walks, selling second-hand books, cakes and crafts. If you have any questions or feel you need to check if you need insurance cover for your group, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8651 7420.

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