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Access Underwriting has no connection with AccessBI

The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed that they are investigating a firm called AccessBI Limited – you can read the news here: Insurance Age  and here Post Magazine 

As we are receiving calls from insurers and brokers, we confirm that Access Underwriting Ltd has no links, common directors and no connection with AccessBI Limited (Company No. 05837919) who are a subsidiary of Access Risk Management Group Limited (Company No. 06057474)  and has placed no business with the group.  We can assure all our clients that they have been placed with authorised insurers and that there is no reason to be concerned.

If your current broker used AccessBI to place your charity, care or property insurance policy, they should by now have communicated with you and you will know that you are not insured through them. You will need to arrange alternative insurance cover immediately.

How we can help you:

It is very important for your organisation to arrange appropriate and new insurance cover immediately. Access Underwriting can help you as we have an excellent record of insuring clients across all care and charity sectors and have excellent insurer relationships which can quickly and efficiently arrange the cover that your organisation needs. We are already placing cover for organisations affected by this situation into competitive markets to get them back on cover with the right insurance, and we can do the same for your organisation.

Please call us now on 020 8651 7420 and ask to speak to Chris Bryant, Matt Newberry, Tim Wiltshire or Peter Bell, who can discuss your risk and arrange the cover you need with the minimum of fuss.

Access Underwriting Ltd is led by the Directors Simon Hickman, a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and Peter Bell, an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and both are Chartered Insurance Brokers. Access Underwriting Ltd are Chartered Insurance Brokers and take pride in upholding the professionalism of the industry and operate to high ethical and moral standards to provide the best advice for our clients.

Access Underwriting Ltd is the trademark holder of Access in class 36 and Access Underwriting in class 36 and has built up a reputation in the insurance market with a sizeable presence in the Care, Charity, Not for Profit, Social Welfare and Social Enterprise sectors.

Insurance Times have acknowledged our move to protect our reputation here:

Insurance Age have also published a confirmation of the situation:

If you have any questions, please contact Simon Hickman on 020 8651 7420 or 07845 754289.

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