Running a Social Action Project?

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Loving a City with Acts of Kindness

Demonstrating love for no reason, with no agenda is rare in society. But that’s exactly what The City Church in Canterbury and Whitstable sought to do one summer weekend, to be a blessing to the local community.

Over two days, teams of hundreds of volunteers went out into Wincheap area of Canterbury in bright red ‘Love Canterbury’ T-shirts responding to appeals for help. While one team cleaned the streets of litter, the other team visited the homes of those wanting help with painting, gardening and rubbish clearing – acts of kindness. Along the way, others stepped in to help them. The local B&Q store donated supplies so that one elderly man could have his home painted.

A fun day was held at Wincheap Primary School with fete games, balloon modelling, kids sports, biscuit and cake decorating and a bouncy castle. Several hundred people visited, a fire engine was brought for a visit and there was generally a great fun atmosphere. So much so, that those bringing a burger van were so impressed, that despite initial scepticism they even donated some of their profits to Love Canterbury.

Church Social Action Insurance from Access Insurance

So what has this got to do with Access Insurance? Access seeks to understand and serve churches like The City Church, meeting their every day needs but also providing extra assistance for specific events. With every community event, having the right insurances in place is vital. Access were able to advise The City Church on exactly what was required so that they were fully covered for every activity.

The City Church is eager to continue being a vital part of the community, becoming widely known in the City. And ongoing activities are giving opportunities for them to ‘Love Canterbury’. Access will continue to partner with them to ensure that they have the confidence to do outreach while being properly covered. Joe Robertson confirms, ‘We would recommend Access to any church’. Joe Robertson, Church Administrator, identifies, ‘We changed to Access because in meeting with them it was very apparent they understood how churches work, they’re specialist. They’d ask questions about things we hadn’t even thought of. It’s safer because you’re more likely to be covered all round’.

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