Health and Safety for Churches

Businessman about to slip and fall on a banana skin

Why is Health and Safety Important?

Sometimes Health and Safety is seen as a taboo subject as the importance of it is not seen until there is an accident. It is important to have robust policies and procedures in place as the following details of one of our clients illustrates:

The problem started with a leak in the church roof. The church, a converted warehouse had damp patches on a suspended ceiling. After discussions between the Pastor and the Assistant Pastor, the Assistant Pastor went on the roof to identify the source. The leak was caused by deterioration of plastic around the screw heads holding the roof tiles in place. The Assistant Pastor climbed on the roof again a few weeks later to fix the leak. Whilst up there he stood on a skylight which he had thought to be just another roofing tile, the skylight gave way and he fell through the roof. He had no safety equipment and no risk assessment was performed for the job. He suffered a serious back injury and is now a paraplegic and dependent on a wheelchair.

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